Saturday, February 25, 2006


My husband hates the name of this blog. He thinks Attention Deficit is a condition and I shouldn't joke about it. I really think, he thinks people will not understand or somehow look down on me. For the record, I am not joking about it, nor have I been diagnosed with ADD, but when it comes to crafting and gardening, I do have a difficult time keeping focused on one thing at a time. There just aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to .
In the winter, I like to work with fabrics and foods. In the summer it's tiles and glass and plants and paper. It hasn't always been this way . When I lived in Hawaii, I worked onall my crafts year round. Here in the Northeast you spend so much time indoors. Days on end. Short days. Long cold nights. My sunny Hawaii crafts of making sailors valentines, stringing leis and making beach glass mosaics just don't cut it on these long cold days.
I took a classes in stained glass, copper foil and lead. I made mosaics from pottery instead of glass . I painted and decopaged wood and I started sewing. I sew in the winter upstairs where it is warm and bright. I break glass and cut tile in the summer when it is too hot to be in the garden, and cool in my basement.
This year, winter came too quickly. I didn't have time to finish off my downstairs projects. On my workbench, summer crafts wait for me. A mosaic I started for my front entryway, a kaleidoscope that just needs a touch of solder and several small pendants, all waiting. Waiting for the sun, waiting for me to tire of the warmth of wool and cotton, roving and thread. Waiting for me to trade the chug chug chug of my sewing machine for the sharp high whine of my grinder on a piece of glass.


rachael said...

geminis are notorious for being fickle with their projects (i'm a gemini too)'s kind of a drag, but it can also be fun always wanting to try new things!

Saltygal said...

So true... my father was a gemini and amy son is a gemini and we all seem to have that "gift".