Saturday, May 13, 2006

rainy day blessing

I should be sewing but seeing how I left my mayday post sitting on the dashboard for two weeks, I'm feeling guilty about not updating. It has been raining steady for almost two days and we have one more to go. That will keep me out of the garden for a while. My "other" garden has been planted but I haven't seen it yet. I laid it all out and I hear it's beautiful. Hopefully I'll get a dry day and can snap some pics. I have to send the bill, my least favorite part of the job. The rain is a blessing. I feel as if mother earth has endorsed my efforts and has taken over for me. I'll go see it when the rain stops and take lots of pics.
I have been busy with handbags, finishing one for Sweetpeas and another to sell on a new site, Modwerk. I really enjoy making them , especially when the person I'm making it for chooses some of the elements, because it's more personal that way. The internet has it's advantages but it can be very impersonal. My Etsy shop and flicker stream have brought so many interesting women to my door. It reminds me of when I had my shop, I knew just about every woman between the ages of 13 and 65 on my side of the island, but we also had regulars- visitors that came on a regular basis and celebrities and first timers. So many people from so many places, it was wonderful to meet the all and know that they were taking a little bit of us back home with them. My daughter Naomi will be coming home for 5 weeks in 10 days. I hope to press her into service and let her take care of all the web business for me. I know the time will fly and when she leaves my son will go with her off for his summer with his Dad and I will have lots of time to sew and plant and hopefully get myself into a better blog routine.