Friday, March 17, 2006

Crafters block

Is there such a thing? I got a little excited last week when we had some sunny warm days and moved all my sewing projects downstairs. I had planned on waiting until Easter but my daughter called and told me that her brother had complained that we weren't eating at the table as a family. She told me to pack it up and give the table back to dinner. So I did. Family dinner is one ritual I have always insisted on. We were quite the oddity in town, no nanny, no maid, must eat dinner at the table with parents. Horrors.
So, now I have to go downstairs to work. It's not like sitting in our sunny dining room with big windows all around. Its a nice basement all finished off but natural light is only available on one side, In the winter the sill is home to my collection of tropical plants and scented geraniums. This year I have neglected them,yet they thrive and block about half of the light that comes in . Makes me wonder how our forefathers managed to work though the winter in their homes with little or no natural light.
I have a ton of stuff to sew, all cut out and neatly stacked. I have a craft show this weekend . Monday is spring, I'll shoot for then.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Owls Away

Well it's been a while I know. I actually wrote a nice long post last week and then had a major crash before I posted. I guess I should write in word where I have auto save, I just don't. So, I had the crash while my Palm desktop was open and lost 7 years of data. Yes I had a backup, but it took me a half a day to figure it all out. So my post was about owls ,which are suddenly popular. I have been an owl person for the last 15 years. Back when I was living in Hawaii, they seemed to appear when ever I was in a difficult time. A friend told me Pueo (owl) must be your amakua ( guardian spirit). Which at the time made perfect sense to me. So over time I began collecting them and then of course when you start collecting something all of a sudden people are giving them to you . I never really liked anything too "cute" but now with it's popularity at an all time high there are some wonderful owls flying about. So I decided to try my had at a cute owl and made some pillows to sell on Etsy. I like the way they come out . I have decided making and selling things on ETSY is perfect for me. I have too small of a house to keep all that I make and so by selling it on Etsy I get the satisfaction of creating it and I don't have to worry about where to put it.