Sunday, March 12, 2006

Owls Away

Well it's been a while I know. I actually wrote a nice long post last week and then had a major crash before I posted. I guess I should write in word where I have auto save, I just don't. So, I had the crash while my Palm desktop was open and lost 7 years of data. Yes I had a backup, but it took me a half a day to figure it all out. So my post was about owls ,which are suddenly popular. I have been an owl person for the last 15 years. Back when I was living in Hawaii, they seemed to appear when ever I was in a difficult time. A friend told me Pueo (owl) must be your amakua ( guardian spirit). Which at the time made perfect sense to me. So over time I began collecting them and then of course when you start collecting something all of a sudden people are giving them to you . I never really liked anything too "cute" but now with it's popularity at an all time high there are some wonderful owls flying about. So I decided to try my had at a cute owl and made some pillows to sell on Etsy. I like the way they come out . I have decided making and selling things on ETSY is perfect for me. I have too small of a house to keep all that I make and so by selling it on Etsy I get the satisfaction of creating it and I don't have to worry about where to put it.

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Lora said...

Hi Karen,
I like the 3rd owl's expression, he looks like he just did something he shouldn't have and is laughing.