Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting in the mood for Christmas

When I first moved here and the kids were young,I went all our for Christmas. I decorated the door and window frames with elaborate garlands and wreaths I made myself,filled the window boxes with more evergreens and had spectacular trees filled with ornaments collected from all over the world. It was a lot of work ,weeks worth and my family appreciated it .
This year with Jon away and the cost of everything sky high we decided on a low key Christmas, no tree , no big gifts. It's been a relief not to have to worry on how to get it all done. I'm making small gifts for the stockings, but that's it. I couldn't (wouldn't) do this if the kids were still kids , but they are grown now, and I just don't feel the need for a tree and gifts.
We aren't forgetting Christmas, just keeping the focus on the day not the trappings.
This morning was dreary and as I returned from my walk with Bella ,my house looked so forlorn with it's empty window boxes and bare front door. I grabbed my clippers and a big paper bag and took a walk around my yard collecting evergreens to dress them up. A quick walk up the block to the county's water station netted me some cedar, pine and pine cones. They could use some more color and I'll look for more on my next hike but I'm pretty happy with them and even happier with the price tag. I did pick up a swag at Trader Joe's for the door. I didn't want to go up in the attic to find trim, so I took some ribbon from my sewing box and some gnomes,birds and mushrooms from the craft box and had fun with it .

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Get yourself on Etsy's front Page in 3 easy steps

I made this chart several weeks ago after watching the same items being featured over and over on the front page of Etsy. Is it scientific ? No. However between the time I first made the chart and now, I've noticed that most of the treasuries I've seen fall within my table of possibilities .
I am having a glitch with Google or Blogger or both so I am unable to post it here. I've provide a link to the google doc so you can even print it out as a handy guide.
You'll either find it amusing ,infuriating or helpful.
If you are one of those who is featured on the front page regularly, good for you! I have nothing against you or what you make, so please don't take it personal. The same goes for those of you that make things which don't fall into one of my categories, these are just my observations about what items and types of treasuries seem to be picked for front pages.
To make your own front page worthy treasury
1 Pick one from Column's A& B Theme and color scheme
2 Pick 2 from each of the remaining categories
3 Use your color theme and items as search words to find your items,artfully arrange,post and wait to be picked

The Chart