Saturday, February 04, 2006

Everyone has to start somewhere

This is my where. A little about me, who I am. A middle aged mom.Actually I prefer mid century, I was born in the fifties and now I am in my fifties. I come from a family of artists and other creative types , but I never considered myself artistic. My mother worked in many mediums and was a crafter before they had crafters. My father was an airline pilot whose regular route from the fifties to the early seventies was the Orient. I grew up with all things Asian. Every trip home a treasure, a treat.
My dad was the hero of my elementary school teachers when after a trip to Japan he brought back a package of "Magic Markers"heretofore unseen in colors. They were smelly, made very thick lines that ran through all but the thickest paper, but the colors were so intense, so bright that my teachers would have paid almost anything to get their hands on more. ( My dad sure missed an income opportunity there). Soon, there were American versions, but it was some time before they could compare with the originals.
So I've already strayed off my course, which happens to me quite a bit, which is why I named my blog what I did. I do have trouble focusing on one thing at a time, but I'll try to keep to the subject which is crafting. Crafting, a word I love because it is both sufficiently vague and all encompassing.
"What have you been doing today ? "
" Crafting"
For me it sounds productive, like I accomplished something.
Today I crafted.