Monday, April 03, 2006


I had a request for another pocket bag and so I whipped this one up for the very nice Amy from Illinois. While in search of materials for the bag I found some really odd grandpa shorts but I just fell in love with the fabric, a tissue thin cotton plaid. I made a cute little skirt from them, but I am just too damn old to wear it. I'm going to take some pictures and sell it on Etsy. I am just about ready to give up there. It may be a cheap place to sell but the lack of control over the layout and set up of my shop is driving me crazy. Last week, I bought myself a US map and some map pins. I want to put one in everywhere I sold something. Reminds me of when I was young, one of my friends had a map of the world that was floor to ceiling the length of their hallway. There were 4 kids in the family, travelers all.They each had their own color pins and even yarn to chart their travels. I know mine will never be as grand but the thought of a map with pins in every state and continent might be incentive enough to keep my foot in the door at Etsy.