Tuesday, July 18, 2006

lei pikaki

The rain and heat have given me a bumper crop of pikaki blooms. Two days worth was enough to make a single strand. I wish I could post the scent ,so fragrant and beguiling that dozens of songs have been written about it. Pikaki is the traditional lei for lovers and weddings.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

yo ho, yo ho ,a pirates life for me.

Just got back from the movies... Can you guess which one? Now you know as Saltygal I"m going to take in any good sea farin tale but the main reason I went to see this wasn't Johnny Depp it was my brother Ron. He has been working on it ( and the sequel) for over a year. I wanted to see his name roll by at the end. He's not an actor,he's a craftsman, one of hundreds that work so hard to set the scene, create what isn't real and make us believe for a moment that it is. He did an awesome job, and once I got over the initial shock of seeing what he had created up on the screen, I fell into the story and found myself at sea once again.Arrggg Thanks Ron.