Sunday, December 14, 2008

Get yourself on Etsy's front Page in 3 easy steps

I made this chart several weeks ago after watching the same items being featured over and over on the front page of Etsy. Is it scientific ? No. However between the time I first made the chart and now, I've noticed that most of the treasuries I've seen fall within my table of possibilities .
I am having a glitch with Google or Blogger or both so I am unable to post it here. I've provide a link to the google doc so you can even print it out as a handy guide.
You'll either find it amusing ,infuriating or helpful.
If you are one of those who is featured on the front page regularly, good for you! I have nothing against you or what you make, so please don't take it personal. The same goes for those of you that make things which don't fall into one of my categories, these are just my observations about what items and types of treasuries seem to be picked for front pages.
To make your own front page worthy treasury
1 Pick one from Column's A& B Theme and color scheme
2 Pick 2 from each of the remaining categories
3 Use your color theme and items as search words to find your items,artfully arrange,post and wait to be picked

The Chart


Hero's Cousin said...

I don't know if your chart was supposed to elicit this reaction, but I laughed pretty hard. I am new to Etsy and it does seem like there are a lot of cliches. The chart was helpful, in that it tells me what NOT to make as there is already plenty of it! :)

my etsy shop is at :)

Saltygal said...

I was trying to keep it light. I do think it's funny (and a little sad) how some things suddenly become "in" whether people buy them or not. Suddenly there are dozens of sellers producing them so they can make the front page. I've been with Etsy almost from the beginning and there have always been some items that will continually make the front page even if they are total cliches