Friday, March 17, 2006

Crafters block

Is there such a thing? I got a little excited last week when we had some sunny warm days and moved all my sewing projects downstairs. I had planned on waiting until Easter but my daughter called and told me that her brother had complained that we weren't eating at the table as a family. She told me to pack it up and give the table back to dinner. So I did. Family dinner is one ritual I have always insisted on. We were quite the oddity in town, no nanny, no maid, must eat dinner at the table with parents. Horrors.
So, now I have to go downstairs to work. It's not like sitting in our sunny dining room with big windows all around. Its a nice basement all finished off but natural light is only available on one side, In the winter the sill is home to my collection of tropical plants and scented geraniums. This year I have neglected them,yet they thrive and block about half of the light that comes in . Makes me wonder how our forefathers managed to work though the winter in their homes with little or no natural light.
I have a ton of stuff to sew, all cut out and neatly stacked. I have a craft show this weekend . Monday is spring, I'll shoot for then.

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