Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Unfinished business

I tried to finish up a few unfinished projects this week. I have a bunch of ipod and laptop sleeves that I cut out weeks ago. All I need to do is sew them.I moved everything downstairs (in anticipation of spring) But I'm not quite organized , all my stained glass and mosaic projects are also waiting to be finished . I started to clear a space off, there was a bag of my sons clothes for donations. I made the mistake of pulling a few things out to play with . So, instead of sewing up what I had all ready, I cut up a pair of his pants and started 3 new projects. I am pleased with this purse.
I bought some very cool ribbon from sacredkitschstudio a while back and wanted to make a belt with it, so I used that and built on it. I love recycling . The ribbon is the only thing new on the bag. The rick rack, buttons, webbing and lining and of course the bag itself are all recycled. I think it's one of myfavorite things, I hope the other 2 pieces come out half as good.

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