Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Woot 2 posts in one day

Per tigerluxe"

I'm inviting everyone who reads my blog...if you have read this far...to list on their blogs 5 books that have changed their life...i hope this hasn't been done before (in the many corners of the intranet)

It was difficult to just pick 5 but here are mine in the order I read them.

1.The Collected Works of Dorothy Parker
2. Slaughterhouse Five Kurt Vonnegut
3 Silent Spring Rachel Carson
4. Fatu Hiva Thor Hyerdahl
5. The Life and Times of Michael K JM Coetzee

And why....
#1 My father gave me a volume of Dorothy Parker after my first heartbreak, I laughed and survived many more with it's help. She is one of only 2 poets I can recite with authority.

#2 War is hell This book turned me into a pacifist.

#3 We need to protect our planet This book turned me green

#4 This book made me question organized religion , missionaries and it was an amazing adventure story.

#5. I can't describe it, our connection to our spiritual self and nature, dignity

I read the first four books before I was 20 and the last one after I was 40. I read hundreds if not thousands more in between but those first 4 really shaped me into person I am today. Thanks Rachel for the mental exercise.

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rachael said...

hooray! thanks so much for sharing your 5 books, i've read slaughterhouse 5, which is an all-time fav of mine...now i'll have to look into the others :)