Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wearing a turtle neck sweater is like

being strangled by a weak man .........All day. Mitch Hedberg
Rest in peace Mitch. I am sitting here procrastinating. Comedy Central is airing a half hour of Mitch. He really had one of the most perfect deliveries ever. His comedy was so original. The other night I was questioning if there are any original ideas left. How do you know we haven't seen or heard something somewhere else, long ago and instead of thinking it up we're remembering it? My husband is an inventor, an engineer. What he does is science, everything documented, researched. He has patents on his ideas. The last couple of weeks I 've been working on a new design for a purse. I was pretty excited about it, thinking it was so original. I've never seen anyone do anything like it. I toiled over it, dream of it at night. Sewed and resewed the prototype. Last week I'm in a used book store. I open up a book from 1957 and there it is, staring me in the face. Did I see it before, or just think of it?

I've been working on income taxes for the past couple of days. No fun and definitely not the time to get creative. I can't work on taxes and listen to Mitch at the same time. I decided to upload some more of my son's pictures from his trip to Greece into Flicker. He took 160 digital ones and another 80 on film. (it was a photography class trip) At 6 at a time it's taking a while.
I was happy to have comments on my Kokeshi doll pictures. Nice to be able to share them and see others collections. I decided to take some more pictures of my Japanese things and now I'm uploading them. Mitch is over and now Stephen Lynch is on. I love him too. Comedy is good. We need more comedy in the world today. I have to finish my taxes. Joy .

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