Thursday, May 20, 2010

Squaw Bread

Squaw Bread
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When I was a child we took at least one trip a year up to the mountains, to Bishop, California. Before we returned home we would go to a local bakery there and load up on  their specialty, Squaw bread, an absolutely delicious whole grain bread sweetened with raisins and molasses. Then, when I moved to Hawaii , there was a French baker Jacques, who made a similar bread for the restaurant  I worked at . It's been some years since I've had either bread but when I saw a recipe for Squaw bread on line I thought I'd give it a tryI actually found 3 different recipes, all quite different , I knew the bread I grew up with and loved  contained wheat and rye flours and was sweetened with ground raisins and molasses so I took 3 different recipes and combined them. The bread came out very close to what I remembered , I think  the orginal also contained some corn, so I'm going to add some on the next try .
I usually have a 1 hour rule ( no cutting bread until it's cooled for at least an hour but this loaf didn't even sit for 15 minutes before I had to try a piece, ,  it was half gone in minutes.


Heather said...

Please, please share with us the recipe you used. I have such fond memories of childhood vacations, visiting the Jacques' bakery on Kauai and leaving with multiple loaves of the squaw bread. I've tried a few different recipes but nothing has compared to that bread. You would find in me an extremely grateful reader. Thank you!

Karen said...

Heather , Thanks for commenting . I've posted my recipe, let me know if it's how you remembered!