Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Meme.... My favorite contemporary fabric

My favorite new(to me) blog is True Up . It's all fabric all the time! The current meme is to post your favorite contemporary fabric.
After much consideration, I've settled on Kiku Stencil by Makower. I love everything about it. It's simple yet complex , old fashioned, yet modern.
Kiku is Japanese for Chrysanthemum, which happened to be my mothers favorite flower. She grew at least 10 different varieties, from simple buttons to elegant spiders, all as a part of a very large Japanese style garden she and my father built from the ground up. So I've always loved Japanese prints, But this one is from England.
It features many different motifs of the flower, some traditional Japanese designs mixed with other, more stylized western interpretations . It came in two colorways but this is my favorite, mostly tan and black with just enough red to give the eye a rest and focus. It was popular with my customers and I kept buying and buying until suddenly there wasn't a yard to be found . I am left with a few remnants That one day will be sewn into something special and everlasting.

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