Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cinco de Mayo

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I think Cinco de Mayo is destined to become of of those holiday that in the US everyone celebrates. Just as we are all a little bit Irish on St Patricks Day, we will all be a little bit Mexican on Cinco de Mayo. Tequila and tamales instead of whiskey and corned beef. I grew up in Southern California where Mexico's history was taught hand in hand with California's. I was in love with anything to do with the Missions and then later on the Aztecs. When I went to Middle School one of my best friends a had a painting of the Virgin de Guadalupe in her bedroom, it was the first time I had even seen her and I was smitten. She was so beautiful in her red dress with her turquoise veil of stars surrounded by flowers and golden rays. Everything about her was just so much more colorful and symbolic than the Virgin Mary in my church.
I celebrate Cinco de Mayo every year because there is a little bit of Mexico in me. Don't we all need more color and symbolism in our lives?


hollystar said...

i lived a spell in san diego and i absolutely LOVED visiting the missions and i spend a lot of time at (of course the name escapes me now. figures.) the giant cross monument (for lack of better words) in la jolla. i actually spent a lot of time reflecting there. its mount something or other. ugh. that bugs me.

despite my inadequate ability to recall monuments, i agree that we all color and symbolism in our lives. the mexican culture does this fabulously. in the past few years there has really been a rise in the american marketing of day of the dead and, for a while now, cino de mayo. regardless if its capital gains or personal enjoyment, its a wonderful excuse to celebrate and take deeper meaning in life. i'm stoked that at least one other person recognizes this!

Saltygal said...

Thanks for commenting Holly! If it's the one I'm thinking of it's the Mt Soledad cross, great view from up there.

hollystar said...

YES! thats it. i couldnt remember that one to save my life!!!

awesome blog! beautiful works!