Thursday, June 29, 2006

sleeping on it

The change of seasons and school years has left my household in a bit of turmoil for the past 2 months. My daughter returned to Hawaii yesterday after a 6 week visit. Tomorrow my son will have othroscopic surgery to repair his shoulder which he has dislocated 5 times in 3 years. Ouch! My husband is also taking a weeks vacation starting tomorrow. In 2 weeks my son will go to Hawaii for his summer visit with his father. I will have loads of time to sew and garden and do all the things I never seem to find the time to do whilst being chief cook and bottle washer around here. In the mean time I am trying to work on two large orders and I have a new buyer in the UK asking me to make all kinds of things wholesale. I'm not really sure I am ready for exporting. A while back I had posted some vintage fabrics I found at our local dumps recycling center. I wanted to make myself a bag with one of the fabrics. I had a design in mind and last night I began a practice version with another fabric. The design seemed simple, an egg shaped sling with strap and bag all cut in a single piece. While I don't think I'd ever reverse it, I feel it needs to be sewn as reversible for neatness in the strap area. The only thing I've ever made that was reversible was a fairly straight forward rectangle. I struggled with how in the heck to do it until almost 2 am before giving up. I was still working on it in my dreams when suddenly there I was, turning it inside out after having completed it. Sometimes I think we just need to sleep on things. My daughter gave me this wonderful book last Christmas after I had checked it out and renewed it to it's limits at our local library.
Now whenever I get stuck, I pick it up and take a little refresher course in getting my creative mind out of it's rut. Tomorrow while my son is in surgery I'll take it along and give it a review.

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