Thursday, June 15, 2006

Found fabrics

Here are some pics of the fabrics I found yesterday at the dump, all washed and sorted by color. Some of them really are quite spectacular in their strangeness. How did we live with such prints and colors ?

These two are my favorites ,a good sized piece of an avacado floral that is destined for a handbag and a skinny piece of voile in shades of pink and brown that will make a lovely scarf.


├╝bercherry said...

those last two are my faves as well! please keep me posted on the avacado floral one as it morphs its way into a purse! :) welcome to the blog ring by the way!!!

Deja Vu said...

Oh such treasures! I wish we had a recycling centre like that! I particularly like the one in the top picture with the funky pink and lime flowers.

I've really enjoyed reading your posts. Hawaii is a destination I've dreamed of, and you describe it so beautifully.

Saltygal said...

Thanks ladies,
Deja if you'd like that floral you are welcome to it, it's a good sized piece, it's a voile, i think maybe a cotton blend.

Barb said...

That is so cool that your city allows you to salvage stuff. I really don't understand why it's not a common practice at all of them. I mean, why not have a thrift shop at the dump that saves good stuff, then charges a little money, and the city gets something raise cash? It's a win win. Is it a law suit issue? Or how some cities won't allow you to collect stuff left out in the alley for trash day. Why not? I'm all for recycling and saving things that are useable. Why people throw away perfectly good items makes no sense to me in the first place.
How totally cool that you found that fabric.

Jes said...

WOW....what a find Karen!!

Contest over at my place...come and sign up!!


PS...I want to put you in the "I shop here" section of my new site...but I need a good pic of one of your pieces....or your logo. Let me know what you would prefer!! I will be sure to rant and rave over my bag!!!

Recycled By Hyena said...

you found that at the dump??? Damn it, I will go move next door!!! The green fabrics are awesome, and the strawberry one!!! oh my!